About Us

As the new millennium beckons on this planet, no country holds as much hope and promises for the future as India a land of rich values, culture and immensely talented youth.


The need today, on one hand is to harness the potential of our youth, build character and to give them a positive direction, preparing them to face world and to find their place under the sun. On the other hand the industry and the corporate sector requires a new breed of professionals, who can invent, innovate, manage and provide effective leadership to face the new challenges thrown up by latest technologies and global economic integration.


Education does not mean accumulation of knowledge from various resources. Good Education shapes the personality of a student, builds character and cultivates life skills modernization of educational system has necessitated the evolution of an ideal value based learning. An ideal institution focused on student’s sucess invests all its resource for their development giving them competence, capabilities and confidence to face the global challenges. Investment in infrastructure, technologies and human resources always builds a powerful institution where the students can always mentor themselves as highly successful professionals.